What about Parallel Universes?

I remember when I first watched Fringe, a television series created by J. J. Abrams, etc that premiered on Fox on September 9th, 2008. Starting a little slow (some may say boring), it wasn’t until the end of season one that the show began to pay for that 2K I spent at Eddie Soft. I especially remember when the show introduced the idea of parallel universes, with a season 2 teaser that showed Olivia (for those who watched) flying out of the taxi. Okay well, I’m not here to talk about the show, but rather highlight a few possibilities and theories that might suggest there is another version of you somewhere, at this moment, in a different timeline, probably with a better job? House? Well, I’m all about mystery and none-generalized stereotypes.

The key plot of Fringe is that there is a parallel universe that exists next to ours, and the concept that there is “more than one of everything“. So anyway let’s dig right into it. In 1954, a young Princeton University doctoral candidate, Hugh Everett, came up with a radical idea: That there exist parallel universes, exactly like ours. That these universes are all related to ours. That they branch off from ours, and our universe is branched off of others. Within these parallel universes, our wars have had different outcomes than the ones we know. Species that are extinct in our universe have evolved and adapted in others. Even MJ could still be black and alive somewhere out there in another universes,  who knows? . And as far as we may know it, we humans may have become extinct.

There are many theories that go ahead to explain the theory of parallel worlds, most notably the Many Worlds Theory, Heisenberg (not from Breaking Bad) Uncertainty Principle that says that all quantum particles don’t exist in one state or the other, but in all of its possible states at once (I will talk more about this someday) and The String Theory. I will spare you the boredom and dive into the one that fascinated me the most: The Many Worlds Theory.

The Many Worlds Theory implies that all possible alternative histories and futures are real, each representing an actual “world” (or “universe”). It states there is a very large, even infinite number of universes, and everything that could possibly have happened in our past, but did not, has occurred in the past of some other universe or universes. Yeah. This means that there is a version of you whose car broke down this morning, forcing you to take a boda boda or do it like Besigye and walk to work and so much more. It’s fascinating to learn that you have done and/or will do everything you could ever conceive of.

I will stop here because I’m almost confusing myself. But I will leave you with this piece. You are technically immortal. Yep, the First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy (such as the electrical charges generated by your brain, or the heat your body produces) cannot be created or destroyed, but simply changes form—implying that the energy that powers your body must go somewhere when it leaves, and that consciousness cannot be destroyed, but is infinite. Dejavu anyone?

  • Dude…I want some of what you are smoking when you are writing these. Regarding the topic of this post, I sometimes like to explore parallel universes within my medulla. In moments of extreme boredom, I sit and wonder what Roland that made a choice other than the one I made at a certain crossroads in my past could possibly be up to. Fascinating mind-fuck stuff really. You should do one on the butterfly effect next 😀

    • baba

      Ha ha, maybe next time, perhaps when i’m doing a piece about the butterfly effect (good one btw), I will resort to crack and see how that transcends into … but yes, definitely a topic worth exploring … thanks for the feedback!

  • shelly

    Good stuff!!! It’s good to think that am famous in some other universe..Might help me sleep better tonight!

    • baba

      Ha ha ha, shelly! I think I pretty much know how you turn out to be in another world, aaaaahhh … the drama!

  • Walter

    Mane this is mind boggling. I think this explains the whole dejavu moment. it’s simply because we are living this same life in the alternate universe and that one minute is when we become in sync. so if that one minute can be capitalised on, the possibilities are endless. We could be to get in touch with our other selves by just mere imaginations.

    • baba

      Ha ha, we should catch Fringe again!

  • j jojo03

    ……..speechless …with this parallel universe thg ..I’m struck with a little sadness ..(inside jokes) whAt if there is another me sad, lacking what I ve double. Ilikes to this*****

    • baba

      ha ha if there was another jojo somewhere then you and I both know what she would be up to right now 🙂

  • Always believed in that parallel universe stuff but it makes you crazy that you dont understand it so i will just wait to cross over (like in fringe), lol!

    • baba

      Ha ha ha, my next posts on parallel universes will be much deeper. Hopefully we can both begin to decipher the mess behind it all!